The Dark Crystal


urUtt the Weaver

The blanket coats of all the urRu were made by urUtt the Weaver. Such delicate work from such thick fingers! Each coat was a record of its wearer's thought and fate, with spirals that were also a comment on his past life and that controlled his dreams. At an urRu's last breath, the coat became as delicate and transparent as gossamer, then collapsed as the body beneath it vanished and the thoughts within its weaving were released. The urRu die, said urYod the Numerologist, because they can no longer join the future with their past.

Text from:
Brian Froud, The World of the Dark Crystal [ISBN: 1 86205 624 2]
Henson Organization Publishing / Harry N. Abrams, New York 2003
Originally published by Alfred A. Knopf, New York 1982
The urRu march toward the Castle of the Crystal ... to their destiny
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