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Mutant Reviewers from Hell do 'The Dark Crystal'
DreamChild's Dark Crystal
Summery, introduction, pictures, and more related to Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal
The Dark Crystal: 25th Anniversary Edition DVD Review
Kira's Swamp * last female Gelfling from the Dark Crystal
Tribute to Kira, the last Gelfling from the 80s movie the Dark Crystal. Read the whole story: find out how it all began, what's the Dark Crystal and the Great Conjunction, who are the Gelfling and what is their quest, how did it end.
Summary and review of The Dark Crystal

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The Dark Crystal
The Dark Crystal, a fantasy film, chronicles the journey of the Gelfling, Jen, in his quest to fulfil an ancient Prophecy. All the while, the peaceful Mystics and the cruel Skeksis carry out the rituals that signal the coming of the Great Conjunction... Another world. Another time. In the Age of Wonder...
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