The Dark Crystal

Dark Crystal Movie Downloads

The following downloads are made available for use under the Creative Commons License. Please feel free to download and enjoy them.


Right-click on the link with the screen resolution that most closely matches your montior. Select Save Target As from the menu to download the image to your hard drive. To make the image your wallpaper, click on the link and once the image has loaded, right-click and select Set as Background. You can return to this page by pressing the Back button on your browser.

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TrueTypeFont: Dark Crystal

Available here is the Dark Crystal Font, created by Sharkshock Productions. The ZIP file includes both the solid and outlined version of the font used in the film's logo. You may also download them individually via the preview images below. Both fonts are cross-platform and function identically on PC and Mac.

Please Note: Dennis at Sharkshock did a great job on this font. However, it should be mentioned that most of the standard symbols and special characters are not included in the font and there are some issues when it is used in All Caps. On the plus side, if you use the colon and semicolon keys, you can spell out "the Dark Crystal" in two different weights. Have a look at the README text file for more information on this font's usage.

The urRu march toward the Castle of the Crystal ... to their destiny
- - - - - - - -