The Dark Crystal



Raised by the Mystics in their valley, Jen believed that he was the last survivor of the Gelflings, a race of fawn-like elfin creatures. But when his dying master sent him on a quest, he discovered he was not alone. The Dark Crystal is the story of the terrors and final triumph of Jen's quest.

Isolated from the outside world, Jen grew up learning the old ways of the Mystics. His master taught him things like 'writing' and, playing his pipe, he found wonder in the natural world. Once he learns of the journey he must undertake, he steadies himself for an unknown future in a strange world. One his way, he meets the mysterious Aughra, is bewildered to meet another Gelfling, as well as a host of strange creatures, new friends and a host of deadly enemies.

Text from:
Christopher Finch, The Making of the Dark Crystal [ISBN: 0 03063 332 X]
Published by Henry Holt & Company, New York 1983
The urRu march toward the Castle of the Crystal ... to their destiny
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